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Blossom Photobook

Rp350 000
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Introducing the Blossom Photobook - a stunning collection of travel photographs captured by Chesoen Tan during his journey through Japan in 2019. This beautiful photobook offers a unique insight into the world of film photography, with behind-the-scenes glimpses into the development and scanning process at a local lab in Japan.

Through his lens, Chesoen Tan presents his personal perspective on the beauty of Japan, featuring breathtaking landscapes, intimate portraits, and captivating street scenes. His use of color and composition creates a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere that transports you to the heart of Japan.

What makes this photobook even more special is that one of the subjects featured in the book actually purchased it and somehow it ended up back in the place where Chesoen Tan captured some of his stunning images. It's a beautiful and unexpected connection that adds an extra layer of meaning to the already mesmerizing photographs.

With its high-quality printing and exquisite design, the Blossom Photobook is a must-have for anyone who loves photography, travel, and the beauty of Japan. It's a perfect addition to your coffee table, bookshelf, or as a gift for your loved ones.

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